Wireless Solutions

Over the last few years the world has seen significant increase in wireless usage due to its convenience and flexibility. Due to the lack of infrastructure, it is also becoming a very popular choice in less developed countries, enabling them to finally reap the benefits of connectivity and the internet without the huge cost of 'last mile' infrastructure.


The inspiration behind this project came from Ronnie Heybor whose vision was to create a modern village in a remote rainforest location to house 1000 neglected children, teachers, carers and charity workers from the local area. Additionally he wanted to provide schooling and healthcare to a further 1000 children and local people. For this modern village to operate effectively a good I.T. / communications network needed to be installed.


They required internal connectivity between a number of buildings in a 4km2 area consisting of hills and rainforest. Communication with the outside world was also required via the internet and telephony. Due to the remote location most technical problems would need to be solved by someone on site.


Satellite internet was setup to provide the site with external communication - both internet and VoIP telephony via an external SIP provider. A large (1.8m) satellite dish was installed for this purpose.

A wireless mesh was setup between buildings using HP (Colubris) ruggedised access points due to their robust nature.

Avaya IP Office was installed to provide inter-building communication using the wireless network.