Without data, business no longer functions...


Backup is an essential part of every type of business - from sole trader to corporate level, the only difference being the amount of data backed up. After working with a number of backup solutions including tape storage, external drives and removable media, we have found that in each case human involvement has led to irregular and inconsistent backups. Due to improvements in broadband speeds offsite backup has now become both practical and affordable. The Attix5 backup system has proven itself to be an excellent solution and requires no regular human involvement.

It is now possible to backup servers, desktops and even laptops in the field using this service in an efficient manner by just backing up on a daily basis the changes made to any files and folders. Therefore the daily backup process is much quicker than the complete backups that are run by onsite tape systems.

Furthermore Attix5 has developed specific plugins to backup a number of the most popular databases including Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL Server (including Sharepoint) and Oracle.

All data is stored in an encrypted way and replicated between 2 IBM data centres.

If restoration is required an easy to use web-based system is available to restore individual files. Previous file versions can also be recovered up to a maximum of 20 days. If the worst happens and a significant device fails, your complete data can be couriered to you on a hard disk helping you to get up-and-running as soon as possible.