Simple webmail or full, secure remote networking will keep you working wherever you are...

Remote Working Solutions

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to enable their employees to work remotely. Reducing office costs, lessening the environmental impact of commuting and increasing employee choice and flexibility are the ones that are mainly quoted.
Whatever the case, the technology to implement the solution is straightforward to use and any information that passes from the central system to the remote worker or vice versa is transferred securely.


Myddleton Communications are a London based PR company focussing on the legal sector. They often need to work outside normal office hours to meet deadlines and travelling to the office is not always convenient. Additionally meetings may take place well away from their office including overseas.


Access to email is a fundamental requirement and being able to work from anywhere, effectively using their office computers would be extremely convenient and hence make the company more productive.


To provide a secure mechanism of remote access we implemented a mixture of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) webmail and IPSec VPN's to encapsulate file transfers and remote desktop.
Using mobile devices (phones, PDA's etc.) and webmail we provided email access that was available whenever and wherever required.
We implemented industry standard remote desktop technology allowing members of staff access to their individual desktop computers whereby they could run any application or access any data as they would do if they were in the office. To ensure easy setup ETS produced an easy to read, step-by-step guide to enable any authenticated person to use the system.