Remote Working Solutions

An integrated web application can improve many business processes. A well designed front end sales platform, job information database or management dashboard can all add to the bottom line.

ETS were involved in one such project for Jali, a made-to-measure furniture company.


Products were designed by the customer after downloading a piece of software from the Jali website and installed on their computer. The design process involved completing a series of forms - after submitting each a diagrammatic image would be drawn. Once a design was completed an email would be sent containing a code which could recreate the design back at the factory.


A more user friendly experience was required - both in terms of the delivery of the application and the design process. Products would be paid for online once the customer finalised their order and the designs automatically transferred to the internal manufacturing queue. The system would be capable of designing products from any future prototype, giving Jali the freedom to build their own user interfaces and wizard screens for any eventuality. A 'save design' feature would be enabled for customers who registered on the site. Finally a website re-design incorporating a 'Customer Area' was required to make the most out of the new 'Jali Designer'.


A Rich Internet Application (RIA) was implemented using Adobe Flash and ColdFusion. An intermediate code was developed that would be automatically created by the designers at Jali once a design prototype had been finalised. This code contained all the required information to be able to display a number of different views, edit dimensions, add/remove features, and build wizard screens, all as required. It also was able to be processed by the Jali internal systems via webservices, thus streamlining the entire design to order process. The Flash application would read in this code and draw the prototype accordingly and enabling all the required dimensions to be edited either by drag 'n' drop methods or typing in a specific distances.

The finished application can be viewed at

Other projects we have been involved in include property management systems, company intranets and job database applications.