Support Solutions

Our support solutions are designed for the needs of clients whether or not there is an expert in-house IT support function. We can provide remote and/or on-site support at an operational or technical (hardware / software) level as well as training for those members of your team whose day-to-day activities require knowledge of these systems.


Summer Films is an independent television production company which has rapidly changing project based contractors with a core management team. A member of the team who is skilled in I.T. is unlikely and moreover, not going to have sufficient time to support the network. Additionally they prefer to focus on their core business and not get involved in the long term I.T. strategy or day-to-day issues that affect them and were therefore looking for a fully managed service.


Due to the nature of the work, any contractor could end up working on any computer. The productions can be of a sensitive nature and so internally each one is treated as almost a separate company. The teams can change, sometimes from day-to-day depending on the needs of the particular production at that point. Therefore new user setup requests and problem resolution needs to happen swiftly.


To ensure the correct access for each different production and for management areas, hierarchical Active Directory groups with NTFS permissions are used. All the computers on the network are setup in an identical and dumb fashion with all company and production information stored on the server. Both the phone system and network are setup to allow hotdesking - team members simply logging into both. Any terminal showing signs of problems simply has standard the ghost image reapplied and is up-and-running with effectively a new build in 15 minutes. Remote management has been set up to allow swift problem solving and configuration of network devices including the Avaya IP Office phone system.