Remote Working Solutions

Many companies are unaware that they can now get phone systems with many features that were previously only available on large call centre systems. Many phone system manufacturers have realised that SME's also require these advanced features.


Fire Alarm Fabrication Services install and maintain a variety of fire alarm systems. They need to respond to emergency callouts at any time of day or night when fire alarms are sounding to ensure the swift re-occupation of the building.


  • Every member of staff to have a convenient direct number
  • Phone calls can be directed to groups of department handsets
  • Answer machine message for out of hours and backup routing for any device failure


Avaya phone systems are widely regarded by ourselves and many other companies as reliable, easy to operate and feature rich and hence we selected the Avaya IP Office to meet these requirements. This system is compatible with ISDN allowing Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers to be used, which also allows direct dialling to key departmental groups, ensuring rapid customer care for service and maintenance enquiries whilst being immediately directed to a skilled systems designer for sales information.

The answer machine is automatically rotated each night between the scheduled on duty engineers.
If the answer service fails, the call is automatically routed to the on-call engineer ensuring no loss of service to the customer.